Many business owners, almost all small business owners, considers digital marketing as an overwhelming process with a lot of challenges and harms. When you step on any search engine, they float you up with a lot of myths about Digital Marketing which are not even close to reality. So, today I will try to bust the TOP 5 Myths about Digital Marketing by providing you with authentic facts, that will turn your opinions about digital marketing upside down.

1.“The people I want to target are not on social media!”

Many businesses believe that they fail to generate leads & engage audiences on their website because the kind of traffic they are targeting is not social media. This is the 21st century, nearly 4 billion people use social media in 2020! Even 5-year-old kids are becoming social media influencers today. People are using mobile phones in as remote areas as one can imagine.

This is a big misunderstanding which is eventually preventing you from so many business opportunities available digitally. You need to gather information about your targeted customer’s data, study their persona and characteristics and create content accordingly, then connect with them efficiently. This is what is known as content marketing.

2.“My business needs to be present on all social media accounts.”

Let’s think about this using an example. You are a writer who has recently published a book in Japanese language. Where are you most likely to promote the book? Definitely not China! No one should waste their efforts at places where no results are fruitful. Digital PR should be done at places where your customers are. Once you have figured out where your targeted audience is, only be active on those social media platforms itself. Create engaging content, get involved in conversations with your community, and therefore, learn & flourish!

3.“Digital Marketing can be successful only if one has a large traffic on their social media platform.”

Someone rightly said, choose quality over quantity. If a large number of social media users visit your business portal, that does not necessarily mean that they can switch into paying and profit-generating customers. Sometimes, one’s business reach might be limited to a few consumers who are actively looking for the products and services that the business offer. That will benefit one’s business. So, you have to focus more on providing your visitors with the quality content and products they’re looking for! 

4.“I need to be actively posting on social media to stay relevant.”

Remember in class, the teacher used to pay more attention to the kid who spoke rarely and the kid who usually answered got a lot less attention? The worse thing than not being active on social media is being irrelevant on social media. One may not deny that posting daily might be beneficial for your business, but at the same time one should also remember that the content you are posting is relevant to your business or not. Credibility is important for the success of your digital marketing strategy. Today we have SEO on google, if you keep posting unrelated content, you’ll soon drop out of searches and your reach will decrease, which is totally non-beneficial for your business. Again, chase quality over quantity. Content marketing is the past, present and future of digital marketing. So, keep posting the kind of content that adds value to your prospects and brings money to the business! 

5.“SEO is dead.”

Searches on search engines still continue to rule the main sources of web traffic. Since years before and for ages to come, if a user is looking for any kind of information related to a product and services of any business, they will simply “google” it. What decides the ranking of the tabs being shown on google search engine when you search for something? Digital marketing is the pivotal player behind this, and SEO is the catch! Google has an eye of lynx to please people, so providing users with the convenience throughout your site is certainly useful. You need to optimize your site and constantly keep working on your SEO strategy. SEO helps your business to be reached by relevant customers and help your business grow!


For ages, myths in all kinds of situations have stopped people reach greater heights. Digital market is inter-connected with a lot of scope for growth and money-making. All it requires is for you to create relevant content and target your audience efficiently!

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