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According to the World Health Organization, India is facing a serious mental health crisis, with an estimated 5.6 crore people suffering from depression and 3.8 crores, from anxiety disorders. When it comes to suicide / mental illness even the toughest business leader could not stop them self to fall into worst feeling of “suicide”.The reason can be many but Suicide is No solution to any problem rather suicide can create ten more problems around the person & family .Lets have a look on Indian business tycoon who died of suicide & take a pledge to delete the option of suicide in our life – Life is amazing , yes there is challenge but fight back with smile .

1.VG Siddhartha-Cafe Coffee Day, popularly known as CCD, founder VG Siddhartha’s death has left many people in shock. The body of VG Siddhartha was found on 31st july Wednesday morning on the banks of Netravati river near Hoige Bazaar in Mangaluru. He had gone missing on Monday night after driving towards Mangaluru. The body was found near Hoige Bazaar around 6.30 am on Wednesday. The Hoige Bazaar beach is less than a kilometre away from the bridge where Siddhartha was last seen. Brandigi

2.Lucky Gupta Agarwal- A techie-turned-entrepreneur, Lucky Gupta Agarwal ended his life by inhaling nitrogen gas in 2016. According to the authorities, he took this extreme step after the failure of his start-up. In 2013, Lucky quit his job as a product manager at a Mumbai-based software firm to launch his own company. He started Kingdom ITES Pvt Ltd in the last quarter of 2013 with five employees. He registered his company in 2014 at Hyderabad with himself and his father as directors. By January 2015, along with his team, he developed a social networking app called Kingdom which allowed users to send text, audio and video messages. In March 2015, he gave interviews to media about the launch of the app on both android and iOS. In his two-page suicide note, Lucky had asked his family to return the nitrogen cylinder to the store and collect Rs 5,000 which he gave to the shopkeeper as a security deposit. Marketing

  • 3.Lalit Sheth- , 56, founder of the leisure travel company Raj Travel World, had reportedly committed suicide by jumping off the Bandra-Worli Sea Link (BWSL) in August 2012. His body was found near the shore at Worli Fort three hours after he jumped into the sea. At one point of time, Raj Travel World was the leading travel and tour organizer in India. It had 79 offices across India and had employed 500 people. News reports claimed that Sheth due to debt.
  • 4.Angad Paul- Angad Paul, son of India-born Britain-based billionaire businessman Swraj Paul, died after jumped from the family’s London penthouse, an eight-storey building, in 2016 after his company suffered reverses. The CEO of Caparo Industries had also produced films including Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and The Tournament.
  • 5.Sajan Parayil- Sajan Parayil was a businessman in Nigeria. He was found dead at his house in Kottali on June 18 this year, allegedly after the municipal chairperson refused to issue the required certificates for his Rs 16 crore state-of-the-art convention centre in Kerala’s Kannur. He hanged himself in his house allegedly fed up with the way he was being treated by the Anthoor Municipality chairperson

This World Suicide Prevention Day, let us all pledge and commit with our hearts, minds and efforts to proactively fight against the insensitive and cruel stigmas attached to mental health. We need to treat people with suicidal ideations with empathy and concern, not subject them to our judgmental contempt. Till we do not eradicate the stigmas, India will continue to live in infamy as one of the suicide capitals of the world. Lets Aware , support & share prevention method of suicide .Hope oneday India will have Zero suicide case thats only possible when all digital media create enough awareness as well as marketing agency.

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