Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition

World is mess, yes I mean it – The world is completely a mess with the current situation of CORONA PANDEMIC no one would have ever thought one tiny virus can make the world stand still & fight with mighty HUMANS, Guess what the virus seems to be winning as of now but probably for certain Period. Corona virus has affected more than 12 lakh people worldwide & has claimed over 70,000 lives across the globe.

It’s a tough time every individual & specially the business unit, I don’t think business expert would have ever predicted inside a board room meeting what would the business world will do if they have this current situation. Though food, pharma & health has to work to support essential products & service for mankind but other industry which is largely affected by this corona pandemic. One of the industry is Real estate & event too – Event industry which focus mainly on real estate exhibition are into big loss as well as its going to be a challenging for next 6 to 8 month as well. After this pandemic is over Real estate brand manager also going to have a tough time to decide whether to allocate budget for marketing or completely focus on sales part to liquidate the inventory at the earliest.

There is a saying for every challenge there is also an opportunity to look for, basic of any event is to gather prospective client & current situation is exactly opposite to it which advocates “No Crowd Policy “So here is a company comes out with an unique way of conducting expo & exhibition.

               Expo & Exhibition  Virtual Expo –
Approx. cost of space Rs 8 to Rs 12 lakh Almost Nil
Approx. cost for printing Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 lakh No printing
Creative cost Creative cost
2 to 3 members at the stall for 2 days of expo from each brand side No Man power required
30 % of leads are not genuine 90 % leads Genuine
Brand has to pay heavy price to book a stall Just 10 % of traditional expo cost
Event Promotion takes up 20 to 30 % of event budget Event Promotion 30 % of event budget

Ease of Execution – More than monetary benefit & other benefits over traditional expo, most important point is execution of expo is as easy as to open a new fb account, your mouse is your travel partner from one stall to another, a prospective customer can just relax at sofa & check out his favorite brand exclusively selected to meet his need.

Alternate Channel – Virtual expo is not going to replace traditional expo rather it’s a complimentary partner to traditional expo. event organizer can host a virtual expo along with their traditional expo which can work as another channel of lead generation for their Brands.

Future – This concept is going to be the platform for every event organizer in future which is completely immune from any natural disaster or any disease pandemic. Probably this is right time to go for


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